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PARK FUNDRAISER ON 4/28                                                                           Posted 4.27.12

The next Park fundraiser is tomorrow at the Shelby Iron Park. This is an annual Antique Car and Craft Show and should draw a large crowd. We are selling wooden plant caddies, bird houses, wind spinners, flower boxes, mint and lemon balm plants, and a lot of personal, matted and/or framed original photography. We have a very nice selection of items and price points.

The event is 9am until 2pm; a map to the event is on the flyer - see PDF.
We'd love to see you there!

​                       Update 4.29
                     Our Tent at the
                    Show Yesterday

PARK TEMPORARY BANNER                                                                          Posted 4.27.12 

Take a drive down by the bridge 
and you'll see new temporary 
signage at the entrance of the park

BREAK-IN ON PIN OAK LAST NIGHT                                             Posted 4.20.12 Updated 4.21 

One of our neighbors at the west end of Pin Oak Drive experienced a break-in involving both of their cars. This happened between 10pm and 6am - a cell phone and prescription drugs were stolen.  A second home on Pin Oak Circle also had a car break-in and reported a GPS and cell phone charger stolen; the homeowner also observed a group of teenagers roaming the street around 9:30pm.  

The Sheriff's Deputy who investigated the first incident reported two other incidents in another neighborhood - in all four cases, the cars were unlocked. 

BOTTOMLINE: Keep your homes and cars locked and be on the lookout for suspicious activity!  

PARK NAME ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                       Posted 4.20.12

Thanks to all of you who voted earlier this month for the new park name ... it will be called:

                                      Dogwood Creek Park!

This also means that the creek that flows under the bridge on Sweet Gum Drive and empties into Yellowleaf Creek at the back of the property is now officially named "Dogwood Creek". The roughly 14 acres contain many dogwood trees, so the new names were a great fit and dovetailed nicely with the park "Beautiful Woodland" brand.


We are kicking off regularly scheduled park work days on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 9am to 2pm - tomorrow is our first day!  Volunteers will meet under the bridge. You can get more information on the website regarding: 1. work to be done for the day 2. what to bring and wear and 3. work status in case of rain. More info.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get the whole family involved in a volunteer effort ... and we hope to see you there! 

And many thanks to all of our volunteers who are already working very hard to make the park a reality one day!

CALLING ALL GREAT COOKS AND CHEFS ...                                               Posted 4.18.12

Do you have a tasty recipe that you like to use for Memorial Day or July 4th cookouts? If you share it with us, it could go in our first Yellowleaf Recipe Booklet - and you’ll be credited for the dish!

For our park fundraiser beginning May 1st, we will be selling smoked Boston Butts and Ribs from renowned local caterer Whiskers!  A free recipe booklet with planned menus and recipes will be included with a meat purchase. We are looking for yummy recipes for appetizers, side dishes, breads or desserts. Please submit to  

This will be fun – our first Yellowleaf Recipe Booklet!

More to follow on the fundraiser soon …

SALE TENT IN COLUMBIANA                                                 Posted 4.14.12, updated 4.18.12

                                                                       The fundraiser sale is underway in Columbiana this
                                                                       weekend. Built or donated items for sale are: are:                             
                                                                       birdhouses, plant caddies (see below), plumeria
                                                                       plant cuttings, bottled water and a baby crib.  
                                                                       Added on Sunday: coffee and donuts, decorative
                                                                       pictures and plants.

                                                                       FINAL RESULTS:
                                                                                                        Total Sales      $248
                                                                                                        Total Costs*    $144
                                                                                                        Net Profit        $104

* Wood purchased in bulk for this project included quantities for other park usage - the full cost of the purchase is included here.

PARK FUNDRAISER ON 4.14.12                                                                      Posted 4.07.12

Volunteers are busy making plant caddies and birdhouses to sell at the first Trade Days in Columbiana on Saturday, April 14th.  Prices are $16 for one item or $30 for two.  If you can't make 
it down there and want to place an order, contact Pam Kimball at or 678-9257.

If the Trade Days effort is successful, we could participate every month thru the Fall.  We are also accepting donated items to sell there too: garage sale type pieces that a person could easily carry, such as baby cribs, strollers, lamps, small end tables, etc.  No clothes please. Give us a call and 
we'll come pick up your donated item(s).

Smoked Ribs and Boston Butts from Whisker's for your Memorial Day Celebration!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED  . .  .  . . . .                                                               Posted 4.07.12 

Park & Creek Name Announcement 
Coming on Friday, April 20th!

PARK NAME VOTING UNDERWAY!                                                                Posted 3.31.12

After deciding on the Beautiful Woodlands brand, the HOA Board selected five possible names for the park and the creek flowing under the Sweet Gum Drive bridge. The voting site link was sent via email to homeowners today; flyers will be delivered on Monday to homeowners who have not furnished an email address. The name choices are:

                                             Walkabout Creek and Walkabout Park

                                             Fern Creek and Fern Creek Park

                                             Doe Run Creek and Doe Run Park

                                             Wren Creek and Wren Creek Park

                                             Dogwood Creek and Dogwood Creek Park

Voting will be open through Friday, April 6th and the names will be announced on Friday, April 20th!

PS - Why not just use the Yellowleaf name?  It's already taken for a park name in Wilsonville and the Shelby County Sheriff's Dept. asks that we avoid duplication / confusion in case of emergency calls.  The bridge creek has never been named - it is a feeder creek that flows into Yellowleaf Creek 
at the back of the east end acreage.  See MAPS under The Park page.

FOR YOUR SAFETY                                                                                          Posted 3.26.12
Excerpted from Current News:

Neighborhood Watch app for Smartphones

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has joined the National Sheriff’s Association’s (NSA) Neighborhood Watch (NW) program. Of note for the residents of Shelby County, this partnership offers another way citizens can communicate with us; an application (app) for smartphones. Designed by the developers of NSA's National Neighborhood Watch Toolkit and training program, the Neighborhood Watch app allows citizens to instantly report community concerns to the Sheriff’s Office.

The NW app has dynamic reporting capabilities including options to add photos and text. Linked to a proprietary database of law enforcement agencies from throughout the country, the NW app enables citizens to report neighborhood concerns or just ask questions of their local law enforcement agency.  

With this official Neighborhood Watch app there is no law enforcement agency subscription fee or any monthly fees. The only charge associated with this program is a $1.99 app fee charged by the app stores (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) to users who download the app.

Citizens may purchase the NW app by visiting the app store for their type of smartphone and searching for "Official Neighborhood Watch App," or going to and clicking on the icon that corresponds to their phone.  

Questions or requests for additional information can be directed to the NSA’s Neighborhood Watch program at (972) 576-8662 or Captain Ken Burchfield at (205) 670-6286.

BECAUSE OF RECENT RAIN, THE EVENT BELOW HAS                         Posted 3.23.12

VOLUNTEER AT THE PARK THIS SATURDAY                                               Posted 3.20.12

Need something fun to top off your Spring Break Week? 

Join us at the Park this Saturday from 8am until Noon to help us manicure the trail to Yellowleaf Creek.  Volunteers are needed to help cut vines and clear trailways of small tree stumps and twigs on the East End of the Park. Be sure to wear old shoes or waterproof boots as the potential rain this week may dampen the area. Also bring any type of garden clippers or loppers that you have and a pair of gloves.  We also need folks to help identify and mark some of the trees in the area - if this is your thing please let us know!

Watch for our Volunteer Schedule to be posted on our website in April. Thanks to everyone for your support of our Park Project.

AND THE SURVEY SAYS ...                                                                              Posted 3.13.12

Residents were recently asked to complete an on-line survey about potential park development on the 
14 acres on Sweet Gum Drive, and the response was great!  Thank you to all who participated, and especially to those who included thoughtful and constructive comments.  We are listening to what you had to say!

Here are the highlights:

  • 81% said Yes, I support park development, and another 14% say Maybe.  That's 95% total.

  • 93% believe a well-maintained park increases Yellowleaf home property values.

  • Most popular recreational areas desired:  Walking Trails, Preserved Woodlands & Creeks, Running Paths, Benches, Picnic Tables, Bike Trails (non-motorized), Playgrounds, Bird & Wildlife Observation Areas, and a Multi-Purpose Lawn.  Almost half wanted a large multi-use pavilion.

  • Anticipated Usage of the Park is high:  58% say weekly or 2-3 times a month, and another 32% say daily or 2-3 times a week.  That's 90% Total!

  • Support is evident in all of the financial options offered.

  • And finally, 40% are willing to volunteer to make the park happen!  

We will publish a schedule and list of volunteering opportunities very soon!

QUARTERLY MEETING:  March 6, 2012                                                          Posted 3.12.12

Meeting Recap

UNDER THE BRIDGE                                                                                        Posted 3.11.12

A bucket of paint can work miracles, especially on a grafitti-covered bridge. Friday afternoon, two vol-unteer homeowners gave a facelift to the underside of the Sweet Gum bridge.  The pictures say it all!  


Jan 2012 

Grafitti covers entire bridge
underside & litter is everywhere


March 2012 

Clean walls & no litter - 
how beautiful!


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