CURRENT NEWS NOW ON FACEBOOK                                             Posted 12.20.17

We have been using the Yellowleaf HOA Facebook page for many years and are now actively using it to communicate current news.  This Current News page on the website will no longer be active.  To join and see Facebook posts, you must be an adult resident of the Yellowleaf neighborhood.  Send us a request to join ... we will see you there!

HEAVY EQUIPMENT CREW                                                                 Posted 6.18.16

Between now and July 4th, a heavy equipment crew will be on the servitude road that backs up to homes on Pin Oak from Sweet Gum Drive.  Please remove any personal property (trailers, trash bins, toys, etc. stored on the servitude road in order to provide accessibility for this crew.

Dogwood Creek Park will be open during this timeframe. However, for safety concerns, we ask that you and especially your children keep off the servitude road and away from this heavy equipment crew while they work.

​ANNUAL DUES INVOICE                                                                       Posted 2.29.16

In case you need the annual invoice, you can access it here:  Paying HOA Dues.

HOA MEETING SUMMARY                                                                    Posted 2.29.16

A summary of the HOA meeting held on Sunday, Dec 13th has been posted.

The next quarterly meeting will be held on Sunday, March 13th, tentatively at Dogwood Creek Park, weather permitting.  Please check the HOA Facebook page on 3/13.  And remember, it's the start of Daylight Savings time on that day, too!

HOA MEETING SUMMARY                                                                     Posted 9.17.15

A summary of the HOA meeting held on Sunday, Sept 13th has been posted.  

​PARK FUNDRAISER                                                                              Posted 9.17.15                                                                                    
The next Dogwood Creek Park Fundraiser is October 3, 2015, 9:00 – 3:00 p.m. in front of Chelsea City Hall.  The Yellowleaf HOA will have a booth with items for sale; all proceeds will go to the park.

UPCOMING WORK IN THE PARK SCHEDULE                                         Posted 9.17.15 

Volunteers are needed for upcoming work in the park on the following days:

  • Sunday, Sept. 20th and Sunday, Sept. 27th 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • ​Saturday, Oct.10th and Saturday October 24th 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

ANNUAL DUES INVOICE                                                                         Posted 7.06.15 

The invoice for annual HOA dues was been sent out last week via email (and via regular mail to residents for whom we don't have an email address).  Payment is due by July 31, 2015.  You can mail a check to PO Box 573, Chelsea AL 35043, or pay now via the navigation link at left "Paying HOA Dues".  Thanks!

HOA MEETING SUMMARY                                                                     Posted 6.19.15

A summary of the HOA meeting held on Sunday, June 14th has been posted.  As part of the Sheriff's Community Outreach effort, Deputy Sumrall attended - be sure to read her comments.  

ANNUAL HOA BOARD MEMBER VOTE                                                 Posted 6.6.15

As we do every year, it is time for our Yellowleaf HOA members (those who have paid annual dues) to vote on new / renewing board members and officers.

For your consideration, we are fortunate this year to have one (1) renewing board member, two (2) new board members and three (3) long-serving previous members who are coming back for consideration as officers. They are just like you - residents who live busy lives with careers, families, and more. We are grateful that they are willing to also volunteer time to help manage our beautiful Yellowleaf neighborhood.

 * Two mandatory retirements from board service: 
    Pam Kimball, Secretary (4 years) and Bob Kelley, Treasurer (2 years)
 * One voluntary retirement from board service: Linda Powers (2 years)

 * Dave Garner, President thru June 2016, currently in second term
 * Cliff Neal, Board Member thru June 2016, currently in second term
 * Linda Rutledge, Board Member thru June 2016, currently in second term

You will receive an email message this evening with a link to the survey.  If you paid your annual dues and don't receive the email, then please send me a note at so we can update your email address.  Voting is now open thru Saturday, June 13th at 12 Noon. The final vote will be ratified at the annual meeting on June 14th, at 2pm. 

Thanks, as always, for your support of the HOA and the board, who serve all of the residents of our neighborhood!

QUARTERLY HOA MEETING                                                                    Posted 6.6.15

The next HOA meeting is on Sunday, 6/14 at 2pm at the Chelsea Senior Center.  We will ratify the annual vote, see above information.  Hope to see you at the next meeting ... and we always have snacks!

PROFESSIONAL SPRINKLER REPAIRS                                                 Posted 9.3.14

Many, many thanks to Jim Powell and Bob Kelley for working with a professional service to repair our 20+ year old antiquated sprinkler system at the entrance - it's been patched so many times in an effort to save on repair costs, it was basically held together with a wing and a prayer. Plus some of it was deeply buried and previously unknown. What a relief that it's fully operational - and again, thanks to Jim and Bob!

PET COURTESY                                                                                   Posted 7.24.14

Just a friendly reminder - if you walk your dog, please be courteous to your neighbors and keep his "business" off of their lawns.  Bring a pooper-scooper with you ... 
Please and Thank You!

ANNUAL INVOICE for NEW FISCAL YEAR                                           Posted 7.03.14

The Annual Invoice for dues covering the new fiscal year July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 was sent out via email on July 1st; for those who have not given us an email address, paper invoices will be mailed out on July 5th.  See the Invoice

Your $100 annual dues cover the basic needs of keeping our neighborhood safe and beautiful, by paying for our street lights and maintaining our common areas. 

A breakdown of HOA expenses can always be found under "Treasurer's Report" and is updated monthly.

We are also asking for your consideration for a park donation this year - all development and maintenance costs are paid for by your donations and fundraising activity - not part of the annual dues. We need to have a water line and tap installed and need your help - please read the invoice for additional details.   And please considering donating to help the park.

You can pay by:
1. mailing a check to PO Box 573, Chelsea, AL 35043 or 
2. on the website under "Paying HOA Dues" and "Donations"

Your support for our neighborhood is greatly appreciated!    

Many blessings to you and your family ...

HOA BOARD MEMBERS                                                                    Posted 6.10.14

Board member changes for the next fiscal year, voted on by members and ratified by the board on June 8th are:

Renewing for 2014 - 2016:

  • Dave Garner, second board term and President      

  • Bob Kelley, second board term and Treasurer       

  • Cliff Neal, second board term                            

  • Linda Rutledge, second board term                                                   

Retiring from the Board on June 30, 2014:

  • Brenda Mellen, Vice President, 2012-2014 and board member - 2010 - 2014

  • Duane Phillips, board member - 2010 - 2014

  • Terri Adema, board member - 2012 - 2014

  • Michael Mooney, board member - 2012 - 2014


The next HOA meeting will be held Sunday, June 8th at 2pm at the Chelsea Senior Center. In addition to the regular agenda,  the annual HOA member vote will be reviewed and ratified.  Hope to see you there!  And if you are new to Yellowleaf, come by and meet some of your neighbors!                                            

NEW GARBAGE COLLECTOR                                                             Posted 5.29.14

Letters were received today from Waste Pro, our new garbage collector effective as of June 1st. Yellowleaf will continue to have pick up on Tuesdays - weekly for regular garbage, and bi-weekly for recycled items (every other week beginning on June 8th). Our current carts will be used. Our first invoice will be received in mid-June, covering the period of June thru August.  If you have additional questions, please refer to your letter, or call Waste-Pro of Alabama at 205-605-0800

SMOKED MEAT SALE FOR MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!                     Posted 5.07.14

We all love those ribs and Boston Butts from Whiskers so much, they are available again for a short time only ... and just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  Ordering starts today thru Saturday, May 17th at Noon.  Delivery on Thursday, May 22nd from 4:30 - 6:30pm.  

All funds go to Dogwood Creek Park projects . . .  More Info

ENTRANCE LANDSCAPE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED                                Posted 4.14.14

Linda and Jim Powers have been maintaining our front entrance and doing a wonderful job. Spring is a gardener's busy time of the year and Linda and Jim could use some help. They welcome anyone interested in getting their hands dirty or someone with an interest in decorating for holidays.  Linda can explain just what needs to be done and when.  Any time you give would be greatly appreciated. She can be reached at 566-2937


A summary of the HOA meeting held on March 9th has been posted.  Read it now.

WORK IN THE PARK SATURDAY                                                         Posted 2.21.14

Tomorrow is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fresh air in our neighborhood park!  Work will be done at the far east end near Yellowleaf Creek, between the Willow Crossing bridge and the creek.  

The focus will be on clearing underbrush and planting trees along our southern property line. Come join your neighbors and work out those muscles! 

It's also good for community service hours for your high school students!           


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