CHRISTMAS SCENES IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD                                             Posted 12.21.11

​Parts of the neighborhood look like a Christmas Village.  A few scenes.

CHRISTMAS COOKIE EXCHANGE                                                                  Posted 12.19.11

The Yellowleaf Neighborhood Cookie Exchange was held yesterday afternoon to rave reviews!  Hosted by Brenda Mellen, Pin Oak Drive, neighbors had the chance to meet each other, and long-time neighborhood friends caught up on their latest news. Tasty hors d'oeuvres were enjoyed with sangria and punch before attendees finally sampled and exchanged cookies - and oh, there were some great ones!  Prizes were given for the Best Holiday Attire, the Most Original Cookie Recipe and a Door Prize (surprise criteria: it went to the first person to arrive at the party). 

This is a great tradition worth keeping alive for the neighborhood!  Many thanks to Brenda Mellen!

THE NEIGHBORHOOD TONIGHT                                                                    Posted 12.17.11

There are 71 homes participating in the luminaria light up tonight!    Plus the entrance and the bridge on Sweet Gum are lit up too!   SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!  

MORE LUMINARIA INFO                                                                                Posted 12.12.11

Did you see Beech Circle and Sweet Gum Lane on Saturday and Sunday night?  
Almost every house curb there was lit with luminaria - it was absolutely beautiful!  We had about 35 Yellowleaf houses participating last night after delivery of the luminaria starter kits.  So let's continue to start the tradition this year, and light your luminaria every Saturday and Sunday night through Christmas!

Donations:  One homeowner was so impressed with the HOA efforts lately, they sent a $100 donation this morning.  God Bless Them!   If you'd like to donate too, click here.  Or pay your annual dues here.

Fire and Other Luminaria Safety Tips
  • Place enough sand in the bag so it won't tip over - 1/2 cup per bag is recommended. 
  • Be sure to turn down the top 1 inch of the bag to create a collar - this keeps the bag open at the top.
  • Place candles in the middle of the sand so the flames aren't near the side of the bag.
  • Place bags on the street curb on concrete - not on the grass unless you are using flameless candles.  The side of the curb will also help prevent bag tipping.
  • Flameless candles are inexpensive, simple to use and last approximately 50 -  60 hours.  It makes lighting easy especially if you have a big property lot and/or are using a large number of luminaria.
  • If the weather is windy or rainy, don't put luminaria out.

Feedback:  It's been very positive, and we've received some great suggestions!  

  • The best one is for 2012: consider doing this for just one night (perhaps the night of the Chelsea Christmas parade) with EVERYONE"s commitment, and also decorate the common areas so there isn't a break in the lighting anywhere.  Spacing should be consistent, and volunteers would be needed to help neighbors who aren't home on that particular night. 

  • A concern was expressed about funding.  Before implementing the starter kit idea for all homeowners, we had received the pledge of a partial donation.  The expenditure was anticipated to be minimal for the HOA - less than $100.  The Board is always keeping a close eye on association funding, continues to encourage homeowners to pay their annual dues, and will plan fundraisers accordingly.  We are very grateful for participating homeowners and their generosity, and as noted above, we've received another donation this morning.

  • Your thoughts and ideas are important and will always be considered - please send them to the HOA secretary at pjk4@hotmail.  Or you can contact any board member.

QUARTERLY HOA MEETING:  December 6, 2011                                           Posted 12.08.11

Meeting Recap

CHRISTMAS DECORATING IDEA                                                                   Posted 12.07.11

Here's a lovely decorating idea for your street and for the whole neighborhood:  each Saturday and Sunday night thru Christmas, our Yellowleaf neighbors on Beech Circle are putting out luminarias at 5pm.  Check it out - from the entrance, take the first right onto Sweet Gum Lane and then take the first left onto Beech.  

Luminarias are simple and inexpensive to make: take a small white paper bag, turn down the top inch to form a collar that keeps the bag open, then fill it with a 1/2 cup of sand.  Place a tea light on the sand and light it...that's it!  Luminarias should be set out on your curve at 5pm. Tea lights will usually burn for a couple of hours.  You may also want to buy flameless tea lights - they are very inexpensive at both Wal Mart and the Dollar Store in Chelsea. And you can find the bags (white lunch bags) also at Wal Mart in the isle with the aluminum foil and plastic wrap.  More info.  

Wouldn't it be beautiful to see the whole neighborhood lit by luminarias?

Update 12.09.11 - A luminaria starter kit with instructions will be delivered to all Yellowleaf homes on Sunday, 12.11.  Materials have been partially donated.  Let's get this new neighborhood tradition kicked off!

CHRISTMAS COOKIE EXCHANGE                                                                 Posted 11.29.11

You're Invited to the Yellowleaf Neighborhood Cookie Exchange!  Here are the details.  
Please RSVP by Sunday, December 4th.  Hope to see you there!

CHELSEA CHRISTMAS PARADE                                                                   Posted 11.28.11

Let the holiday festivities begin!  

Mark your calendars for the 12th Annual Chelsea Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 17th at 10am.  As in years past, it starts right at the entrance of our subdivision at the Chelsea Middle School .  More info.

ENTRANCE SIGN VANDALISM                                                                       Posted 11.26.11

Vandals struck our entrance sign last night with a truck, uprooting it and breaking the frame in one spot; they also ran over the smaller City of Chelsea Animal Control sign.  

The damage occurred sometime between 7:00pm - 7:30pm and was reported around 10:30pm.  Two board members then met with a deputy sheriff to determine what had happened.  The deputy stated that it was most likely teenagers - a police report has been filed. 

If anyone saw anything that could be useful in identifying who the vandals were, please contact Paul Garmon, Pam Kimball or Brenda Mellen.  Contact info.

CITY OF CHELSEA RESPONDS TO ROAMING DOG REPORTS                       Posted 11.21.11

A City of Chelsea representative has contacted the HOA in response to several complaints about roaming dogs in Yellowleaf.  The city officer has recently begun to drive through the neighborhood, enforcing the leash law.  Please review the City of Chelsea Ordinance and comply ... it would be a very sad day indeed if our loyal pets were picked up and impounded

Questions?  Contact the Chelsea Code Enforcement Officer at or call City Hall at 678-8455.

INCREASED COP PATROLS:  DOORBELL MISCHIEF              Posted 11.18.11, Revised 11.23

Reports of doorbell ringing during the evening and late night hours have been received periodically this year - the culprits appear to be pre-teen boys who disappear after ringing the bells.  The activity died down during October, but occurred again this week.  As a result, the COP has increased their patrols of the neighborhood.  One dark-headed boy who fit a homeowner description last week was seen on Pin Oak Drive.  

Another homeowner reported that their door handle was rattled one night and thought at the time to be the beginning of a possible break-in.  It is unclear if this was related to doorbell ringing incidents.  If anyone knows who these boys are, please warn them to stop - their actions could have very serious and possibly tragic consequences.  


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