ENTRANCE ISLAND LANDSCAPING COMPLETED                                 Posted 10.30.11

New plants scheduled for fall installation are now all put in, and the final bales of pinestraw are spread out over the entrance island. New perennial plants include soft touch holly, liriope, loropetalum, rosemary and coreopsis. Plus seasonal pansies have been planted to add color throughout the coming winter months. 

The effort was complete on time (before Halloween) and under budget, with 23% of the funds saved for planting efforts in the Spring. At that time, colorful perennials will replace the pansies. 

Many thanks to Jim and Linda Powers, Beautification Committee, for managing the landscaping project, and to the many homeowners who volunteered during various parts of the process. It was a collaborative and rewarding effort for everyone involved!

HALLOWEEN FESTIVITIES:  MONDAY 10/31                                           Posted 10.27.11

Just a quick reminder that Halloween festivities will occur on the evening 
of Monday, October 31st. There have been reports in the local news 
this week that "Trick or Treat" will occur in some communities on the 
evening of Saturday 10/29, but this is not the case in Chelsea - with 
one possible neighborhood exception. 

Members of the COP are gearing up to help ensure the safety of our Chelsea neighborhoods on Monday night - 8 to 9 COP personnel are assigned to Yellowleaf. The entrance will be blocked to prevent outside vehicles from driving in. We'll also have spotlights in the school parking lot across from the entrance, and COP will be present on our streets. One of the three COP patrol cars is also assigned to Yelloweaf. Another benefit of having COP here on Halloween night - they just completed first aid training and can help in case of emergencies. 

Have a safe and fun Halloween night with the kiddos ... there's not much time left to stock up on give-away treats!

PS - Please help spread the word to your neighbors ...

REVISED PLANTING SCHEDULE                                                            Posted 10.12.11

The revised planting schedule is:

  • Wednesday, October 12                 10:00am - Noon

  • Wednesday, October 19                10:00am - 3:00pm

ENTRANCE ISLAND FACELIFT - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED                        Posted 10.08.11

Yes, it was time for an entrance island clean-up and facelift, and you've seen the work done thus far: volunteers have cut back, pulled out, weeded, raked, and repaired.  In fact, repairs are still underway.  Two fundraisers (see below) were held that netted a total of $646; this will completely pay for the new landscaping plan just approved by the HOA Board.  Thanks to discounted purchases and additional donated plants, the new look will have a retail value of over $1100!  

Now we are moving into the next phase: planting the new plants!

It's the perfect time of year to get outside and help install the new landscaping ... planting things and digging in the dirt is so good for the soul and doing it with your neighbors makes it even better!  

Here's how you can help: we need volunteers for planting and managing 
traffic at the front.  The work will take place on :

  • Sunday, October 9                    1:00pm - 5:00pm

  • Thursday, October 13              10:00am - 3:00pm

  • Wednesday, October 19          10:00am - 3:00pm

​Please contact Jim or Linda Powers at 566-2937 if you are interested in helping - even just a few hours will be appreciated!  

And be sure to check back on this page in case plans change at the last minute - if there's any doubt due to weather, call Jim or Linda.  

RESULTS FROM CHELSEA DAY FUNDRAISER                                       Posted 10.02.11

Big Crowds at Chelsea Day helped to make our fundraising effort another success!

It truly was a fun fall event, with crisp breezy air, bands playing, vendor booths selling all sorts of eclectic items, kids REALLY enjoying themselves, and so much food!  Your HOA sold Krispy Kreme donuts @ $7 per dozen, 2 individual donuts for $1, and ice cold water for $1 per bottle.  

What is it about those Krispy Kremes that always seem to make people smile?

        BOTTOMLINE:            $ 213 raised by selling 61 dozen donuts and 2 cases of water
                                      +  $ 433 from carwash fundraiser last week                                  
                                          $ 646 Total Amount Raised for Entrance Landscaping

This totally funds the landscaping effort, plus gives us a small cushion.  

Thanks to all who volunteered to work in the Yellowleaf HOA booth, and to those who came by to say hello and make a purchase.   You are all such wonderfully supportive neighbors!

P.S.  Names of volunteers from both fundraisers will be listed in the next newsletter, out by the end 
        of the week.

P.S.S.  The Chelsea High and Middle School bands are REALLY GOOD!

RESULTS FROM CARWASH FUNDRAISER                                             Posted 9.25.11

What a great time we had on Saturday!  

Neighbors met and chatted with neighbors while enjoying the beautiful fall weather, sparkling cars emerged from the cleaning site, and donated funds were generously given.  Because of a garage sale at the back of the neighborhood, we also talked to non-residents who joined in and helped with the cause!
BOTTOMLINE:  $433 in total donations   

Plus 4 more homeowners paid their annual dues!

Thanks to all who worked so hard to make the event such a success.  And a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to those who gave generously, especially to homeowners who had already paid their dues and gave even more! 

Funds will be tight - you can still help with the cause:  DONATE now.   

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