PARK & ASSESSMENT SURVEY                                                                       Posted 2.24.12

​Communication was sent to homeowners today via email to survey (1) the desirability of having a neighborhood park, (2) how and if residents would use various types of park areas, and (3) their ideas, questions or concerns.  The link to the survey was contained in the email; printed flyers with this information will be distributed to non-email residents this afternoon.

The survey will be open until the end of day, Thursday, March 1st.  Responses are anonymous.  One response per household please. And thank you for participating in this important and brief survey!

HOA QUARTERLY MEETING                                                                              Posted 2.23.12

The next HOA meeting will be held on March 6th at 7pm.  Come hear and participate in a discussion about the potential new park! 


Quarterly meetings are held at the Chelsea Senior Center: From the subdivision entrance, turn right onto Hwy 39. Go 2.0 miles and turn right onto Hwy 36. Go 0.7 miles and the gray building is on your right.  Hope to see you there!

SWEET SUCCESS!                                                                                              Posted 2.15.12

The first fundraiser for our potential new park was a great success!  Thank you to everyone who supported the effort!   34 people placed 46 orders, and here are the final results:

                 $724  Gross Revenue from Cake & Cupcake Sales
                 +  77  Donations for the Cause 

                 $801  Total Gross Revenue
                 - 333  Total Expenses

               $468  Net Proceeds Generated!

What flavor was the most popular?  Chocolate, of course, closely followed by Red Velvet

If you forgot to place an order, here is just a "taste" of what you missed - and don't worry, we will probably do this again!

WANT TO TAKE A WALK?                                                                  Posted 2.06.12 Revised 2.11 

One of the benefits of a new park will be walking paths, and the first one has been cut on the east side along the creek that flows beneath the bridge. The path is not manicured yet, but it gives you a sense of what "could be" as we get further along in approval and development!  The next time you take a walk in the neighborhood, stop by and see for yourself - and be careful since there might be a few snags still left in the path. In the meantime, here are a few scenes as you walk from the bridge to Yellowleaf Creek.  

The final tally on trash picked up is 29 bags as of today. There is no
trash in plain sight on the east side. What's left is hiding under leaves 
or dirt and is found occasionally.  Except for this cup, thrown over the 
bridge this morning.  So Nate, whomever you are ... shame on you!

PS.  It's not too late to place an order for a yummy Valentine cake
or cupcakes, our first fundraiser to begin raising $ for the park.   
We will accept orders through Saturday, February 2/11.  

UPDATE:  PARK PROPERTY EVALUATION                                    Posted 1.21.12  Revised 2.04

A number of efforts are underway by the Outdoor 
Recreational Committee (ORC) regarding the HOA 
property at the end of Sweet Gum Drive:

Assessment Team:  
                      Where exactly does the property begin and end?  
                      If you live along the north end of Pin Oak or near the bridge on Sweet Gum Drive, 
                      you've probably seen members of the assessment team working to identify property 
                      boundaries on the east side (9+ acres).  As of 1/29, a majority of the property 
                      markers have been found and flagged, with only a few remaining to be located.  We've
                      also had the help of some interested property owners ... thank you very much!

Trail Team:               
                      What kinds of trails should we have and where should they be?
                      Members met on 1/18 to discuss what kinds of trails to consider for the property,
                      and have narrowed the recommendation to non-motorized usage.  Walking, running
                      and biking trails are under discussion.  Team members are also walking the property
                      to identify interesting areas and unique features to help detemine where trails might
                      be located.  

                      As of 2/3, two main walking trails have been marked on both sides of the creek all
                      the way to Yellowleaf Creek at the back of the property.  The path on the north side
                      was cleared in January.  Volunteers will be working to clear the south path this
                      weekend. Potential areas have also been identified for a small bridge over the creek
                      at midpoint and steps from the creek area to the "plateau" behind homes on Pin Oak. 

Clean Up:                 
                      We need to pick up trash and get rid of the bridge grafitti!
                      As of 2/4, 28 bags of trash have been collected: 6 bags just from around the bridge-
                      and what a difference that has made!  Another 22 bags have been picked up from
                      all over the east side of the property, including assorted items like chairs, signs, 
                      plastic pipe & buckets and 27 golf balls!  Team members continue to collect trash as 
                      other tasks are being done. To address the bridge grafitti, the area was pressure -                      washed on 1/28, with plans being made to paint the area - more on this soon!

Marketing & Communication Team:     
                      What do we call our potential park, the bridge creek and the trails?  
                      Thought is being given to the potential "brand" or personality of the park and all of its 
                      features.  Everyone involved is committed to keeping the natural and rustic nature of 
                      the property; there is much that we can do to honor the woodland beauty and its 
                      beneficial effects for our residents.  Much more to follow on this, too!

                      What do homeowners think about this and what do they want?  
                      Plans are being made to survey all Yellowleaf homeowners in February to determine 
                      what they would like to see in the park, how they would use it and what their thoughts 
                      are about the project.  We've already had the opportunity to talk to a number of 
                      homeowners who are very excited about the potential.  If you have thoughts or 
                      questions before the survey goes out, please contact either president Paul Garmon, 
                      or ORC team leader and board member Brenda Mellen.  Contact info.

Funding Team:        
                     How do we pay for this?
                     Members of this team met on 1/24 to begin organizing ideas on how funding for the
                     various phases of the project could be achieved.  The first effort will be a Valentine
                     bake sale - flyers and communication were sent out on 2/1 and 2/2.

Planning Team:        
                     What's the plan for the property - both short-term and long-term?
                     Many ideas are being discussed by the ORC, and their next meeting is scheduled for 
                     February 4th at 11am, "under the bridge".  ANYONE who wants to participate is 
                     welcome and encouraged to attend.  The team is working toward having an initial draft
                     of recommendations for discussion at the next HOA meeting on March 6th.  Your input 
                     and feedback is important as this worthwhile project unfolds!  Please let us hear from 
                     you and be sure to complete the survey next month.

PARK EFFORT KICKS OFF                                                                                 Posted 1.07.12
Who knew the 14 acre property at the end of Sweet Gum Drive was so             Soothing
pretty?  The first members of the Outdoor Recreational Committee (ORC)      Creek 
found out: after today's initial meeting, the group walked the east side of the      Sounds          
property along the creek (that runs under the bridge) all the way down to
Yellowleaf Creek.  There is so much potential for a neighborhood park!
Everyone's face lit up with excitement and all were inspired to get things 
started.  Ideas are beginning to flow, and ORC Leader Brenda Mellen 
provided a good framework at the meeting to organize the effort.  

There will be much more information posted here in the near future, and we need volunteers to help in a number of ways.  Please contact Brenda Mellen at 678-2437 or at if you are interested in helping - even if it's only for a few hours with a clean-up effort.

P.S.  The sounds in the short video above are from a small feeder creek that flows thru the property.  Yellowleaf Creek is about 40-50 feet wide and flows strongly, but quietly at the back of the property. 

TASK FORCE TO EVALUATE HOA PROPERTY                                               Posted 12.31.11     

Ever wonder about the property near the end of Sweet Gum Drive by the bridge?  

It's a beautiful piece of land (approximately 14 acres) that was donated to the HOA in 2002 by the Yellowleaf real estate developer. Creeks meander through it, and while the land is in a flood plain,
it could possibly be developed into a recreational area with walking paths and other nature-observing
enhancements.  An effort is being organized to evaluate the property and project.

                                           As you can imagine, this will be a complex undertaking.  The team
                                           of volunteer homeowners is being headed up by Board Member 
                                           Brenda Mellen, and the search for potential members is underway. 
                                           A project plan will be drawn up, residents asked for input on what they
                                           would like to see developed, plus a cost analysis done with possible
                                           funding sources identified.  And that's just to evaluate the effort

​You may notice activity around the bridge area in January as the team assesses the property and does some clean up work (if you look under the bridge, clearly we need a trash clean up day!)

If you are interested in helping with this important initiative or have questions, please contact Brenda Mellen at 205-678-2437 or via email at iqmi2000@yahoo.comThe effort kicks off in January 2012!  

    A few property scenes:                            
                                                                    Bridge Creek
                                                          (flows into Yellowleaf Creek)
             Big Boulders  

QUARTERLY HOA MEETING:  December 6, 2011                                           Posted 12.08.11

Meeting Recap


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Beautiful Yellowleaf
Come be part of the team!
Creek near 
the bridge 
after ~3 inches 
of rain on 
Jan 23rd.
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