Entrance to path along north side of bridge creek.  Bridge on Sweet Gum  is on the right.
Continuing down path to first full view of the creek. You can hear the sound of rushing water - it's really loud after a rain!
View under bridge from path looking west. 
No more trash!  Grafitti was painted over on March 9th.  
Leaving the bridge heading east. Path is on 
left side.  Creek flows into a hard left bend.
Creek narrows and flows along small grove of minor trees. Boggy area is on other side.
Creek about to merge with small feeder creek; area has wildflowers and water's edge ferns.
Creek runs along hill incline on the right with a sandy / gravel bottom.  Ancient road (logging?) crosses creek in this area.
And there are some large beautiful trees with interesting roots in 
the same area.  Creek water is normally clear unless it's rained.
Getting close to Yellowleaf Creek.  Path can be muddy after rain and land can be boggy on both sides not too far from the creek.  Both dry up within a few days.   Water level in both creeks vary dramatically with rain, but drains off fast, usually within a day or two.
Bridge creek emptying into Yellowleaf Creek, forming a sandy crescent just under the water.  Above it is a sandy 
dirt hill.  From this view, you are facing the south boundary of the property about 75-100 feet away.  Photo is taken from edge of sandy beach, at right.
And if you turn around 180 degrees, you'll see the sandy beach, probably part of a riparian right of way.  In Alabama, all land below the high water mark belongs to the state for the benefit of all citizens.  This beach was barely above water on Jan 23rd after a week of rain.

This is one of the favorite spots of all who are working on the park.  It's a bit past mid-point on the path.

The hill on the left is steep and full of large trees, rocks and lovely ferns.  

It's a magical part of the property!  

We hope to have a bench or two in this area, so you can sit, listen, relax and appreciate the loveliness of the spot.

Sometimes we get rainbows in pictures 
of this area - perhaps it's the guardian spirit of these woods?  

Hope she's giving us a vote of approval!