March 2014

  • New wood fence added at the south boundary of property near Yellowleaf Creek 

Fall 2013

  • Add bricks to park bench foundations

Month of May 2013

  • A flurry of activity has been underway to get ready for the Grand Opening on May 5th in celebration of Year One park development. Several areas are now officially named.

  • The new staircase was finished with beautiful crushed red rock.  

  • Landscaping has continued at various areas of the entrance, the Landing and Willow Crossing; staining at the WC bridge is finally complete. 

  • The Landing continues to be manicured, clearing out remaining understory, weak saplings, remaining tree debris, plus spraying & cutting weeds. 

  • New picnic tables have been placed and dedicated park benches are being delivered - their locations have been cleared and are ready for placement. 

  • Two truck loads of dirt were spread along street level with mulching underway. 

  • Sign posts have been installed & signage is going up.  

  • A donated toddler play set has been reassembled near Fallen Oak. 

  • Needless to say - everyone has suffered a few sore muscles, all in the name of a very, very worthwhile cause!

Month of April 2013

  • Thanks to the donated services of America Tree Maintenance, large dead or dying trees have been cut. Work on staining the new bridge is underway. Plantings by the new bridge have been completed that include 10 pink dogwoods (2 varieties), 10 oakleaf hydrangeas and 1 weeping willow tree. Two more dogwoods were planted by the fort area. On April 13th, a new staircase was put in at the front entrance - and oh, did the guys have fun with earth moving equipment! Clearing out the understory in specific areas continues. And there is much work to be done before we get to the May 5th Celebration!

Month of March 2013

  • All rail work was completed on March1st with installation of railing connections on the curved deck sections. The bridge was pressure washed in preparation for staining. Remaining work: 2 coats of stain on all sections (1st coat already applied to half of the deck)

  • Vandalism damage (March 9th) on the bridge, the railing, underneath the bridge, and the play fort has been repaired. As of March 16th, a small parking lot has been installed on the west side of Sweet Gum Drive. Work has continued on clearing small trees and underbrush from the Sweet Gum bridge to the picnic area.

Month of February 2013

  • The north ramp was completed on Feb. 9th. A beautiful cedar stain is being applied as sections are finished. The trail com-ing off of the north section of the bridge has been widened considerably, all the way back to the park entrance. Installation of the six large railing sections were completed on February 25th.

Month of January 2013

  • Bridge work continued, with the main section over the creek and the south ramp completed as of Jan. 20th. Dogwoods and oak leaf hydrangeas have been planted near the entrance and picnic areas. Mulching also continued in the picnic fort area. Work on the north ramp began the week of Jan 21st. 

Month of December 2012

  • The bridge deck over the creek has been completed! See pics above under Nov - Dec 2012. We are now ready for phase 2 in January.

Selected November Days - 2012

  • Ground has been broken at the bridge site that will connect paths on both sides of Dogwood Creek in the east end acreage. Location site is about 3/4 of the way down the path to Yellowleaf Creek. This construc-tion project will take several months; volunteers are needed - contact Bob Kelley at 678-6620 for more info. The bridge will be a very cool park feature when completed!  

Week of Oct 20 - 2012

  • Tree clearing continued and debris not used for mulch was hauled to the curb for heavy trash day pick up. Work on the park entrance was done in conjunction with the neighborhood entrance re-landscaping project (by the wall) - plants removed at the front were transplanted to the area near the bridge. Mulched path above.

Oct 13, 2012

  • Serious mulching is now underway with the purchase of a used (but sturdy) mulcher. Trees that were downed in previous storms are now repurposed as mulch on the trail from the bridge to the picnic area. 

Sept 15, 2012

  • The play fort is nearly complete - the roof was put on, all beams were added, the sand box filled in. Swings will be installed when the concrete is set. A wooden trash container has been built and stained, and will be installed once a concrete pad is poured.

​Sept 9, 2012

  • Work on reassembling the play fort continued - a pole has been set in concrete so that swings can be installed during coming weeks. 

July 14, 2012

  • Repairs were made to the temporary bridge (near the picnic table area) with a new surface and reinforcements added. Work continued on the re-assembly of the play fort.

July 6-8, 2012

  • This happened really fast! Brenda Mellen, the Park Project Manager, spotted a really cool two story "play fort" with swings and a slide on Craig's List - the price was too good to pass up if in good condition. Several volunteers went to look, and the decision was made to buy the solid, custom-built unit. On the 6th and 7th, it was disassembled and transported to the park. Reassemby began on the 8th and is still under-way; there is still work to do and enhancements to be made before it's officially ready for use. It is a very nice addition to the picnic area, and even "adult kids" will enjoy climbing to sit in the top section and watch wildlife.

 June 2, 2012

  • The concrete pad for the picnic table area is now complete!  It took 103 bags of concrete for the last two sections: 4,120 pounds hauled, mixed & poured. Trail clearing on the path south of Dogwood Creek continued with several trees cut from the middle of the path. A downed tree from last week's wind was also removed. Progress is definately being made - more slowly than we'd like, but it's becoming visible!

May 19, 2012

  • Six wheelbarrow loads of dirt was dug out from a few areas in the path - this was the beginning of work to even out and widen the path in several locations. The dirt was hauled to the slab frame and used to built up the ground and fill holes under the frame - this will help save on cement cost. Dirt was compacted. Clearing work also continued with vine and tree removal. Yes, one of the guys got to use his chainsaw!  

May 5, 2012

  • Two picnic tables were put together, and progress was made on installing the cement slab that goes under the tables: the area was leveled, framing was put down and 1/3 of the slab was poured. Leaf imprints were put into the cement for a lovely woodland design.

April 21, 2012

  • The trail from the bridge to the picnic area was cleared, as well as the picnic area. Approximately 25 new dogwood trees were identified in and around the area. The ground has been cleared in the picnic area and marked for the cement slab, to be laid during the next Park Work Day on May 5th.